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Casting Call For Your Life

What is it that you offer yourself and the world that nobody else can?

We all have hidden talents, unspoken truths and unfulfilled dreams. I aim to break the cycle of allowing myself to waste another rotation around the sun without having worked to hone my talents, speak my truth and see my dreams manifest themselves into reality.

I wasn’t always so excited to uproot myself and create uncomfortable moments of growth. I didn’t think it was possible to actually change anything about my life because I wasn’t committed to myself. I did not have faith in my own abilities. I was afraid to quit the job that was crippling my mental health. I worried about money, my weight and external validation. All that worry manifested itself in over indulgent behaviors like over eating and exerting far too much energy maintaining worries, to enjoy the journey.

I placed the responsibility of my own happiness on other people, resulting in tense and toxic relationships. I engaged in behaviors that did not result in the outcomes I desired and I told myself that I did not know how to change it. People offered advice and I offered excuses.

“Trust the process” is my favorite guiding principle both in art and life. Sometimes we simply have to take the risk of letting life be risky. There is beauty in the chaos! There is also peace!

I find an abundance of peace when I have focus and purpose in my life. So where does one find this magical peaceful state of being? It exists within.

For my creative BIG picture brains:

  • Do you like biopic films?

  • use this activity to access your current state and identify areas of your life to work on

Imagine your life as an HBO feature film:

  • What would your character arc be?

  • Are you the protagonist or antagonist?

  • What is the opening scene?

  • What is the major conflict (think big)?

  • How do you react to conflict?

  • What is the lesson or major take away of the viewer?

  • Do you leave them inspired/motivated/enraged/enamored?

  • Select 3 values that are continuously present. See link for ideas.


  • Is it a movie you want to be the star of?

  • Are there themes to the types of conflict that have occurred in your biopic so far?

  • Do you make choices that go against your values? Why?

Once I re-evaluated my life using this frame I was able to recognize that my internal structures (mindset) and my external reality did not meet. I was living a complete LIE. I recognize areas of myself where I did not hold myself to high expectations and allowed myself to make choices that do not align with my central values in order to feed this false version of myself.

I have found peace within myself by restructuring my mindset, living through my core values and continuously holding myself to high standards through introspection. When the actions of others do not match the values they prescribe themselves, it is ok to believe them that they are liars. They lie to themselves to feel better. Watch these people from a healthy distance. They do not deserve to be in your realm of existence. (This means that little voice in your own head too!)

Back to our original question, What is it that you offer the world that nobody else can?Delegate all other tasks.

Roll film.

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