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Monthly digital download included in all Patreon tier packages as an extra thank you for supporting The Garden of 1000 Faces.


February's downloadable artwork comes from my sketchbook. I went live on Instagram and asked if anyone watching wanted to share a photo with me to paint. Nate shared a a picture of his desk covered in plants. 


Februrary Calendar page prints on an 8.5x11 inch paper. Fold or trim down excess paper.

You may download and print this file for your own personal use.


I'm curious what things you keep in your special spaces. Do you have plants too? What is your aestetic? Do you have stories attached to the things in your space?

Share your plant photos with me to enjoy some relaxing sketchbook time together painting YOUR plants.


***This artwork is a digital reproduction. All copyright, digital and reproduction rights are reserved by Green Goodies LLC. DO NOT SELL OR SHARE this file without permission from the artist.***

February Digital Download

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